the first choice for pharmaceutical injection moulding

Over more than 30 years, we’ve built an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. From the South West of the UK, we work in partnership with medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers to create innovative and effective design, manufacturing, assembly.

As experts in plastics technology – with close ties to Universities and research institutes – we constantly pursue new and exciting ways to tap the potential of the injection moulding process. Certified with ISO 13485:2003 and with a controlled manufacturing area, we are ideal partners for medical projects.

We work 24/7 to manufacture plastic injection mouldings and assemblies meeting the most challenging demands, with a constant focus on quality.

product design support

Developing a successful plastic product and a precise mould tool takes skill, imagination and a thorough understanding of materials. Creating the right moulding design at the outset saves you time and money once a prototype is ready for production.

At polymermedics, we have 30 years of experience and a design team who work alongside our customers, carefully listening and taking the concept through the design and prototyping stages on to tooling and production.

Our experienced tool-makers and technicians ensure that the product you envisaged is the one you receive.

expert tool-making

Our fully-equipped toolroom can create new mould tools to realise your design – or adapt your existing tools for use with our high-efficiency injection machines.

Every mould tool is tested under production conditions, and naturally you’ll receive sample mouldings to test.

Moulds are only approved when we are confident of optimum performance, and our focus on quality and reliability from the start – as well as regular, expert maintenance – ensures a tool that will last, and produce exceptional results for years to come.

high precision moulding

Every year, we produce billions of technical parts in a wide variety of thermoplastic materials – to exacting specifications, and with minimal margin for error.

We’re constantly investing in the latest equipment, skills and techniques to maximise quality, efficiency and precision… and ensure rapid delivery times.

Our experienced technicians and operators work around the clock to help the most demanding medical and pharmaceutical clients to achieve maximum cost-efficiency – manufacturing to order or working to a pre-agreed schedule, and managing stock in our warehouse as required.

advanced manufacturing

We work in close partnership with universities and research institutes to stay at the forefront of plastic manufacturing techniques – ready to make tomorrow’s medical and pharmaceutical designs a reality.

For example, our micromoulding equipment reliably delivers incredible detail at tiny part sizes, while our controlled manufacturing facilities ensure new levels of cleanliness for mouldings and assemblies alike.

If your project is ambitious and technically challenging, we look forward to hearing from you.